Friday, October 4, 2013

Pokemon Origins!

Watched the first episode of Pokemon Origins. The target audience is clearly older Pokemon fans, not the kids watching the anime. The animation quality is excellent, the character designs are much closer to the games, and the fights are just one notch more vicious--no blood (at least in the first episode), but there is biting and screaming that's a bit uncomfortable to watch. Basically it's got a good level of intensity of the sort that's usually lacking in the TV series.


  1. Okay, so immediately after posting this I started watching episode 2... take back what I said about the animation quality, they seem to have blown the budget on the episode 1 fight scene.

  2. I should check this out.

    Still, it'll be hard to top the Adventures/Special manga.

    1. Oh, it definitely doesn't. Pokemon Special remains the only Pokemon spinoff better than the games.

    2. Satoshi Tajiri himself called it his favorite.

      I'm amazed there are so few Pokémon/MLP crossover fics. I want to write one with the Special continuity.


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