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Welcome to My Little Po-Mo!

This site originated as my personal My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fan blog, dedicated to exploring my favorite currently airing TV show as a work of postmodern art. It has since evolved into blogging about media in general, with a focus on animation. Most of the articles are pretty standalone, and those which aren't have links in their first paragraph, so if you want you can just dive right in.

If you clicked this link, though, you probably want a little guidance as to where to begin reading this project. Originally, I updated weekly, and all I posted were the core My Little Po-Mo articles. Starting in late January 2013, however, I switched to a daily update schedule, with Sundays when I post the meat of the project, the Friendship Is Magic episode analyses. These are generally analytical essays (usually around 1200-1500 words) that explore the episodes from a postmodern perspective, written with the assumption that the reader is intelligent, has seen all of the series to date, and knows little or nothing about media studies or postmodernism. I try to avoid jargon, and when I can't I try to make sure to clearly explain it.

I say "generally" because some of the analyses include something other than essay-format text. Some include video clips in which I talk over scenes from the episode, in order to make a point about the visuals or directorial choices. Others are text, but a little more... experimental than a standard essay.

Here's every article so far:
  • Dear Princess Celestia... (Introduction): Probably the best place for new readers to start, even if you're not planning to read every article from the beginning. It summarizes what I'm trying to do and why.
 Season 1
Fanworks Month 1: 
Season 2, First Half:
Derivative Works Month 1:
Season Two, Second Half:
Derivative Works Month 2:
Season 3:
Derivative Works Month 3:
Season 4:
Guest Posts and Other Stuff:
I will try to keep this page updated as I add new articles, but it might get as much as a couple of weeks months behind at times.

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