Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Captain's Log, Weekly Digest 6

A summary of the past week of posts to my in-character Star Trek Online Tumblr, chronicling the adventures of E.N. Morwen, a science-loving and thoughtful young woman trapped in a galaxy of warring space giants.
  • The Lost City of Paradise:  The crew of the Kestrel meet their contact on Nimbus and get their first taste of the "delights" the planet has in store. Also there's a Borg tending bar, that's kind of interesting.
  • Blind Men Tell All Tales:  Morwen and crew hunt for the Orion stronghold on Nimbus III.
  • The Undying: The Kestrel crew confront the leader of the Orions on Nimbus III.
  • A Fistful of Gorn: Morwen's team run a gauntlet of Gorn separatists en route to the Tal Shiar base.
  • Installation 18: Inside the base, we finally learn the secrets of the Romulan presence on Nimbus III.
  • [Promotion]: Captain: Morwen is promoted and transferred to a new ship, the Galaxy-class USS Starfire.
  • Heading Out: The Starfire transports a Trill scientist to the Romulan border.
  • Under the Cover of Night: A Starfleet intelligence analyst intends to defect to the Romulans.
  • Minefield: Morwen works with an arrogant scientist on a plan to make the Federation's jump gates transwarp conduits more secure.
  • Divide et Impera: The Starfire gets a massive overhaul and is rechristened the Watson, and assigned to serve as Admiral Zelle's flagship for a mission on the Romulan border.


  1. When you say "Heavy warbird" are those Mogai or D'Deridex?

    Most recently, I've been doing a mission where I encountered a D'Deridex that was dropping like 5-6 heavy plasma torpedoes on me at once. It could instantly crush me within a few seconds of initiating combat even after it got the "this enemy is unusually weak" marker. I'm pretty sure that was some kind of bug where the heavy torpedo ability was persisting instead of being used up because every torpedo that thing launched was heavy plasma and it made a flat out unwinnable encounter. I'm going back with the difficulty turned down.

    1. Mogai, usually.

      I think I know the mission you're talking about--"Saturday's Child"? I don't think it's a bug... As the game progresses I've seen multiple D'deridex with the ability to launch 5-6 plasma torpedoes in rapid succession followed by a REALLY long cool down time. It's a matter of finding tactics to deal with it--depending on your ship type, shooting down the torpedoes, running from them, or rolling so that they don't all hit the same facing are all potentially workable.

    2. The mission in question is a Romulan episode mission in the Hobus system. It seems the Federation has an episode mission in the same system that delivers similar plot, but the context leading in is different. The cooldown didn't seem all that long to me, in one encounter I was able to activate brace for impact and the defensive singularity power, and the torpedoes burned through most of my temporary hit points. The next wave of torpedoes came out not that long after brace for impact's cooldown ended and that wasn't enough.

      But it turns out I was one level away from promotion, so I'll see if I can't beat it with a D'Deridex of my own before I give up on advanced difficulty. Shooting the torpedoes down sounds like a plausible thing with my new ship.

  2. We should be STO friends. I'm Leva@Arrlaari if I understand the system right.
    Also, I noticed an entry (http://e-n-morwen.tumblr.com/post/108951360516/captains-log-supplemental-stardate-92606-24) referred to Romulans using disruptor beams. Standard Romulan loadouts use plasma for all weaponry.

    I'd been wondering where you get stardates, but hadn't got around to asking. Then I found a bit in the UI that gives Stardates.


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