Monday, July 1, 2013

Pony Thought of the Day: Wildly Speculating on Friendship Lessons

There's a couple of friendship lessons I really hope the show tackles in Season 4:
  • "Sometimes friends don't like the same things, and that's okay." I'm thinking a Fluttershy or Rarity episode. The rest of the Mane Six are really into some game or sport, and the focus character just doesn't like it as much. She tries to fake enthusiasm, but just can't get into it, and eventually the lesson is learned.
  • "Some people are just plain never going to like each other, and that doesn't mean you can't be friends with both." The obvious way to go with this is a Pinkie Pie episode, a sort of flipside of the Gilda episode--a friend of one of the other ponies comes to visit, doesn't like Pinkie, chaos ensues until eventually it becomes clear the problem can be solved by only hanging out with one at a time. The fun way to go with it, though, is make it a Rainbow Dash episode, and have it be about her developing friendship with Trixie and difficulty balancing that with her friendship with Twilight.
This is a Wild Speculation post, so feel free to comment with your own opinions on what friendship lessons the show should tackle or how it might go about doing them!


  1. I hope for your second request as well (sort of a non-chickening-out AFiD), but what's the difference between that first one and the lesson in "Look Before You Sleep?"

    1. Hmm... I took "Look Before You Sleep" as being more about personality, attitudes, and norms as opposed to favored activities. I can see how they could come across as being fairly similar though.

    2. I think it's a sufficiently different concept. And after all, how many episodes have the crusaders had that were variations on the same theme... which usually aren't counted among the best episodes I guess, but I would be happy to see that episode regardless.

    3. after all, how many episodes have the crusaders had that were variations on the same theme

      Two, "Call of the Cutie" and "The Showstoppers." You might be able to make a case that "The Cutie Pox" is also about not being in a rush to grow up, but I'd say it's really more about honesty.


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