Monday, November 24, 2014

Let's try this poll thing again...

So it turns out trying to hold a poll that's also open to suggestions is a terrible idea.

Also, I now have way more suggestions than voters.

So, I've gone through all the suggestions, picked the three I'm most interested in, and now I'll throw them open for voting ONLY, suggestions are closed.

Remember, anything that doesn't win, including things that didn't make it this far, is fair game for a couple months from now when we add the next show.

Anyway, the options are:
  • Psycho-Pass (Season 1 only, same writer as Madoka)
  • Legend of Escaflowne (classic 90s mecha-fantasy series)
  • Mawaru Penguindrum (same director as Utena)


  1. I know I nominated Penguindrum, but actually watching the show was kind of uncomfortable for me, so voting for Psycho-Pass again.

  2. Assuming that "Legend of Escaflowne" is the same as "Vision of Escaflowne," I vote for Escaflowne!

  3. I vote for Psycho-Pass. It was a close shot between it and Escaflowne though.


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