Thursday, November 20, 2014

Suggestion Box Post

So, my traffic's been steadily declining since I ended The Very Soil. This month looks likely to come in slightly lower than what I had in late 2013, which is not a great thing if I'm, say, hoping to be able to switch my day job to part time within the next five years.

So... what would you like to see me do? Or, since you're already here, what do you think I could do that would get you to tell other people, "Hey, you should check out this blog?"/post links to it elsewhere/share it on Tumblr/whatever?

Throwing the suggestion box wide open here, though obviously I am not willing to change the core mission of the blog--I'm not about to start posting porn or pandering to the right wing or whatever.

Anyway, suggestions?


  1. I assume things will pick up once the Near Apocalypse articles start migrating off Patreon rewards and onto here.

  2. The Near Apocalypse will be relevant to the interests of a few of my friends, as it turns out.

  3. Is there any chance we could push the KLK finale back to Sunday? Tomorrow I'm probably going to be in Milwaukee for the International Folk Fair.

    1. No problem. I'll put a reminder in tomorrow's post, but maybe you should put something in the chat room header as well?


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