Friday, May 10, 2013

Pony Thought of the Day: Best Pet

Objectively speaking, Tank is the best pet, because he is both a turtle and a helicopter. Anyone who says otherwise is simply wrong.


  1. It also helps that he doesn't have much competition.

    Gummy looks cool, but in terms of behavior he may as well be an inanimate object; Opalescence is basically Diamond Tiara in cat form; Owlowicious is cool but he mostly just sits around and sometimes carries books; and Angel Bunny is an abomination before all that is good and decent in the multiverse.

    1. I like Opal and I liked Angel in his earlier appearances, before he started getting abusive.

      But let's face it, what competition could a turtle helicopter possibly have? An iguana hovercraft? No, that's just silly.

    2. Also, I like how both of us just plain forgot that Winona exists. I think that says all that need be said about her.


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