Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pony Thought of the Day: Initial Thought on the Faust Q&A on 4chan

Were there any interesting revelations from Lauren Faust's Q&A on 4chan? I didn't see any. I mean, Twilicorn was planned from the start? Eh, okay. That will change exactly no one's opinion about it. She thinks McCarthy is a good writer and better at humor? Well, yes. That's true.

Basically, I'm struggling to find anything of interest in this Q&A. I'm not sure why the fandom seems to think it's such a big deal.


  1. I think it's partially just the fact that she's posting on 4chan (or any fansite) again at all after all this time. I know it was considered a big deal when she initially went there back in the very early days of the fandom.

    Also, not that it matters much but from what I hear the Twilicorn comment may have been a fake.

  2. Engagement with fans will always garner a strong reaction. That's what the big deal is. That someone official is recognizing and entering into fandom on their "home turf" as it were. Also am I the only one who doesn't care about Alicorn Twilight?


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