Thursday, August 22, 2013

Non-Pony Related Thought of the Day

I have a guest article up at Study of Anime, Charles Dunbar's site. If you don't know Charles, you have clearly never been to an anime convention on the U.S. East Coast; he is probably the most prominent and easily the best academic-panelist, and goes to A LOT of cons. Also he's editing my book, and doing a bang-up job.

If you have any interest in anime, you should give his site a read; there's a lot of great insight on their into Japanese culture, fan culture, and folklore, as well as the ongoing "ID Project" guest posts where fans write about different aspects of being a fan.

My own article is about being a third-generation geek--at least three of my grandparents could be considered "geeks" as the word is used today, and both my parents and my older brother easily were. It was basically inevitable that I would one day end up doing *something* like this blog.

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