Friday, August 16, 2013

Pony Thought of the Day: I have crossed the line...

If I wasn't over it already, I am now: I have crossed into full-on irretrievable fanboy. I now have an OC--not in the sense of a character that I made up that isn't in the show, but in the sense of "if I wrote a self-insert fic, this would be my self-insert." (No, I'm not going to write a self-insert fic. I'm not THAT far gone, and hopefully never will be.)

Meet Post Mod. He's a short, chubby Earth pony, and his cutie mark is Not A Pipe.

No, his special talent isn't smoking. Why does everyone always
ask that? If his special talent were smoking, his cutie mark
would be a pipe, but it's Not A Pipe.


  1. I don't have time for a pony OC, I'm too busy writing Sir John Falstaff into Equestria.

  2. With that braided mane and thick, flowing tail, he's got sort of a Viking feel to him. Makes me think of Alan Sokal's joke about the "barbarian hordes of lit-crit."

    1. He probably carries a copy of "Love and Tolerate" by Foucolt everywhere he goes, right?

    2. That or one of Umberto Ecolt's books.

  3. "I have crossed the line"

    "I'm not going to cross that line"


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