Monday, August 5, 2013

Pony Thought of the Day: Brony the Movie

The Kickstarter has only 3 days left! You guys have been amazing, and we hit the $1200 mark where I do a reaction video--so as a special gift I'm doing TWO reaction videos, one to a Gen 3 ep and one to a Gen 3.5 ep. The question now is, in the little time remaining, can we get to me doing analyses of these two episodes as well? I haven't actually seen any of the brony documentaries floating around, but of the ones I've heard about this seems like the most interesting. I saw the director and some of the people involved talk about it at BronyCon, and the clips they showed look great--it's got some great cinematography, and I'm intrigued that although it's using lots of interviews with bronies, it's framed as an outsider's view. According to the director it's effectively finished--they have a complete, feature-length cut and are just doing things like proofreading titles at this point. They've also got a distributor, so basically everything except a release date is in place.

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