Thursday, June 12, 2014

Update on Future Plans

First off, in case you missed the announcement yesterday, The Very Soil is ending next week. As I mentioned before, there will not be a Kickstarter for the book version, but there will be a book version, including both revised versions of all the blog posts making up The Very Soil and new articles exclusive to the book. I am currently projecting release some time in the fall.

Now, a few months ago I talked about starting immediately on my next big blog project, The Near-Apocalypse of '09 as soon as The Very Soil was done. That's not happening for a couple of reasons. First of all, the DCAU is both enough older than Madoka or Friendship Is Magic, and distributed over a long enough period of time, that something like a true psychochronography is possible for it. I therefore wish to attempt one--and that requires a lot more advance research and planning than more traditional forms of analysis. I'm just not ready to start yet! Second, there is another project I want to do--the very nature of which requires that I not publicly discuss what it is until it's complete--and there's no way I can do it, My Little Po-Mo, and Near-Apocalypse at the same time.

So, the current plan is that Wednesdays will become normal "thought of the day" days. I'm building a backlog of Thoughts About Utena Episodes I posted at Mark Watches, so I'll probably use those for the first few Wednesdays. Maybe I'll dedicate them to variable-length musings on anime or something, but they won't have any "official" recurring feature. Fridays will continue to be Fiction Fridays, and I'm going to be sticking as much as I can to Felda and her adventures. Sundays will be My Little Po-Mo until I run out of episodes, at which point they will become The Near-Apocalypse of '09.

Finally, a bit of near-future planning: I'm busy Saturday and can't do the liveblog. Options are:
  • Skip this week.
  • The usual thing where you folks do it and post it in a comment, and then I come behind and do my own liveblog later.
  • Move it two hours earlier.
I'm mildly against skipping it, but basically open to all three options. Sylocat, it's your chatroom, so I'll leave the decision up to you--please comment and let me know what it is.


  1. Actually, moving it two hours earlier works for me... this would be the one Saturday when I wouldn't have been able to make it at the usual time (due to dress rehearsal).

    1. Okay, noon my time it is. I will schedule the post to go up early as well, since otherwise it would go up at the same time as the chat, which makes little sense.


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