Thursday, July 3, 2014

Washington, DC's Seasons Reimagined as Political Affiliations

Summer is definitely a Republican: oppressive, unpleasant, serious threat to the health of the elderly, poor, and infirm.

Fall is a libertarian. Basically the same as  summer, but with fewer downpours and more drizzling. Also it's moldy and I'm allergic. 

Winter is a Democrat. Ostensibly the opposite of summer, it is certainly more pleasant, but ultimately only a little better for the people summer hurts. It's all part of the same destructive cycle in the end.

Spring is genuine liberals: honestly lovely, nice for everyone, and so tiny and ineffectual it's possible to miss entirely that it exists. 


  1. I love spring in D.C. - so full of color and life. But I miss fall in upstate New York, as everything that's orange and red and yellow there is just brown here. I don't think that's a metaphor for anything though.

    1. I love spring in D.C. too! Both days of it!

  2. Funny! And true, though I'm not sure how good a thing that is.


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