Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pony Thought of the Day: I can't believe I actually have to say this.

Bronies vandalized a piece of public art. There's some uncalled-for hating on bronies in general in that thread, but the core point is valid: anyone who defaces art is a criminal and deserves to be punished. It is an act of violence and desecration, and I am ashamed to share a fandom with the people who did this.


  1. Wow. Not cool.

    Good thing bronze is relatively easy to clean. But still, not cool.

  2. I'm kind of speechless. I saw a picture yesterday and thought it was one of those Plexiglass statues that some cities put up as a form of Civic pride. That they did that to a bronze kind of the worst. This is why I used to give Bronies shit. And this is why part of me feels like I kind of deserve shit for being one. This is not what a productive fandom does.


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