Friday, June 28, 2013

Pony Thought of the Day: Rarity Needs More Songs

Nothing deep or profound today, just the observation that both of Rarity's musical numbers are excellent and if she doesn't get another in Season 4 I'll be sad.


  1. In general I think Season 4 could use more songs overall. I felt starved for music.

    Of course I have a playlist dedicated to Pinkie Pie from Friendship is Witchcraft. So I might be a little music focused.

    1. Season 1 had 17 songs (0.65 per episode), but that's only if you count 10-second things like the Pony Pokey. Season 2 had 15 songs (0.58 per episode). Season 3 had 12 (0.92 per episode).

      So in terms of mean song per episode, Season 3 actually had the most--but seven of those were in the last episode. The rest of the season had only 0.42 songs per episode, which is probably what accounts for your feeling starved.

  2. I think you could make that "Rarity needs more attention in general"


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