Friday, June 21, 2013

Pony Thought of the Day: My Little Gurren Lagann

Two of my favorite things, together at last!


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    1. Among other things, Gurren Lagann basically is one long Freud joke.

      (My favorite is how Shimon wakes Nia from stasis by putting his drill (which is a man's soul!) into her box.)

  2. "At last?"

    I keep meaning to check out Gurren Lagann, but I never get a chance.

    In other news, may I plug my newly-started pony tumblr here?

    1. Yes, I remember the other video. But this one's been YEARS in the making, and I've been waiting for it.

      I recommend watching the first three episodes. If you like it, keep going until episode 15, then watch the *second* movie, which is a better version of the rest of the series. If you really love it, you can always go back and watch episodes 16-27 later.

    2. Oh, and of course you can plug your pony tumblr! What's the URL?

    3. Ah, it's one of those viewing orders, is it? I'll keep in mind that viewing schedule.

      The URL is:

      Yes, I've combined my love of ponies with my passion for the classical arts. The inaugural post (plain-text mirror here) is a review of Joss Whedon's "Much Ado About Nothing," which opens today and you should totally go see it by the way.

    4. Oh, you will lose nothing by watching episodes 1-27 in order. I just thought I'd suggest a slightly faster way, since I consider the second compilation movie as good or better than the portion of the series it's replacing. (The first compilation movie... isn't, though the last 15 minutes are spectacular.)

      Blog followed! Looks great, though I'm glad for the plain-text version. That font is eye-searing.

      I have heard excellent things about Much Ado, but it will be a little while before I see it--I am watching midnight shows this and next weekend (Wrath of Khan and The Room).


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